Categories of AI

Weak Artificial Intelligence is used for competing and for answering purpose like chess game in the computer for competing and like Alexa and Siri for answering purpose. This type of AI is also used for time consuming task like calculating and other task which responds much faster than humans. Strong Artificial Intelligence this type of AI is more complex and complicated systems. It tends to be act more or better than humans. Strong AI includes the ability of self-judgement, reason, solving puzzle, communicate, plan and learn. It can be found in self driving cars and hospital room management.


  • Track 1-1 Ability of AI
  • Track 2-2 Simple AI response
  • Track 3-3 Q&A response of AI
  • Track 4-4 Self-learning AI
  • Track 5-5 Cybernetics and Brain Simulation
  • Track 6-6 Embodied intelligence
  • Track 7-7 Natural language processing
  • Track 8-8 Computational intelligence and soft computing
  • Track 9-9 Ubiquitous network
  • Track 10-10 Robot architectures

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