Automation Testing Life Cycle

With regards to computerization testing, huge numbers of us accept that it is only a piece of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), however to accomplish the best outcomes with mechanization testing, one  must follow the total pattern of robotization testing, known as Automation Testing Life Cycle. In Automation testing life cycle  technique, test configuration is built to depict test endeavours, to give undertaking and test group a structure on the extent of the test program like Deciding the Scope of Test Automation, Choosing the Right Tool for Automation, Test Plan + Test Design + Test Strategy, Setting Up the Test Environment, Robotization Test Script Development + Execution, Investigation + Generation of Test Reports.


  • Track 1-1 Test case automation flexibility
  • Track 2-2 Test management strategy
  • Track 3-3 Automation framework implementation
  • Track 4-4 Wrapping up
  • Track 5-5 Graphical user interface testing
  • Track 6-6 Behavior driven development
  • Track 7-7 Continuous testing
  • Track 8-8 Fuzzing

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